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Junior Golf Journal – Hardcover

Junior Golf Journal – Hardcover


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Introducing Junior Golf Journal, an engaging and beautifully illustrated book designed to help junior players improve their game, track progress, preserve memories...and have fun along the way.

Complete with dividers, scorecard pocket and plenty of room for writing, the Junior Golf Journal devotes sections to:

  • Goal Setting
  • Golf Lessons
  • Statistics
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • The Longest Drive
  • Tournament Play
  • Rounds to Remember
  • A Different Course
  • It's a Ringer
  • Free Form

To further inspire the junior player, quotes
from famous golfers are incorporated throughout the book.

Junior Golf Journal is a practical guide and tool and makes a great gift and keepsake!

160 pages for multiple years of junior play.

8.5" W x 9.25" H

Author: Susan Greene
Illustrator: Dagne Angersbach Klavins


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